Young Lady Is Searching For A Regular Romance Partner (Photos)

January 26th, 2024

Christine, a Nigerian woman, has resorted to a well-known social networking platform to start looking for a partner and frequent sexual partner.

Christine believes that mental and emotional development are more important than age. She also penned and posted sultry pictures of herself.

“So I’m in the market for a constant lover/boyfriend-type situation. And I’m serious. Age isn’t really a factor, maturity in mind and emotions is key. Just looking for a friend/companion I can have regular s*x with. Is that you? Slide in my DM.

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Please note that if all you see in the above tweet is the “s*x” part then I ain’t talking to you. I can have s*x whenever I want to. I’m just looking for a companion, and great s*x is just an added bonus, not the main deal. Are we clear?

I am fully African. Nigerian to be precise.”

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See more of her pictures below…


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