“I need my own husband”; 39-year-old woman cries over single life

January 26th, 2024

According to reports, a 39-year-old single woman revealed the spiritual struggles she has been having and cried out for assistance over her single status.

The 39-year-old unmarried woman poured out her heart in an emotional TikTok video, lamenting her fate and pleading for help.

The woman voiced her desperation at having a spirit husband instead of a physical one, feeling overtaken by her single status and concerned that she might be worshiping the wrong God.

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Her emotions and frank vulnerability in the video were obviously felt by a lot of people, who could then relate to her suffering.

Moreover, losing her work has made things worse for her, which has put her in a difficult financial situation.

Despite she trying to maintain a strong facade in front of the camera, she clearly confessed to feeling broken inside and sought guidance on breaking free from the influence of a marine spirit and the cycle of bad luck.

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Watch the video below


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