Shock as residents found a n@ked woman sleeping on their roof.

January 26th, 2024

Online, a startling video of a n@ked woman dozing off on a zinc roof has surfaced.

An utterly n@ked woman was seen sleeping on the zinc roof in the odd video.

One may hear a voice that most likely belongs to the person filming the video saying:

Check out what we found early this morning. What we observe is that person Zinc is awake early this morning in Benin.

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A different voice may be heard inquiring as to how she managed to reach the zinc roof top.

Some online users have suggested that it might be because she failed at her craft, while others have suggested that it could be because she is intoxicated and is unaware that she is on the roof.

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The question is how did she get there and why is she n@ked?

See the video below.


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