Boobs wrestling: two bursty ladies engage in breast wrestling

March 6th, 2024

Have you ever heard of the term Breast Wrestling, well a video now making rounds online will likely enlighten you.

In the video that was uploaded online recently and now going viral, two women can been seen on what seems to be a stage, one was seating down while the other was standing.

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The woman standing eventually unleashed her b00bs and start swinging the b00bs in the direction of the woman seated more like shes trying to slap her or hit her with her b00bs.

The woman seating was not avoiding this too as it seems she deliberately allowed it probably to show she can withstand a lot of such swings.

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Apart from the two women, other people can be seen in the hall hailing the women and doing video recordings of the event, obviously they regard it as a type of sport even though the two women are literally unclad.

This so called competition can be likened to a slap competition where competitors take round in slapping each other and eventually the winner will be decided when one of them take a slap that takes him/her the longest time to recover from.

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What is your viewpoint of this type of competition?

See video below


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