Man caught in the female restroom knacking a lady

February 6th, 2024

A young man has been spotted in a video circulating online with a young lady in the toilet of a restaurant having fun.

As seen in the video, the young man was alone with the lady in the rest room giving it hard to the lady and the lady too was voluntarily taking it from him while they were standing.

It was gathered that both the man and the lady had met coincidentally at that very restaurant and probably fell in love at first sight.

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It was further gathered that this kind of event has been happening before in the restaurant rest room despite the fact that they clearly distinguished the female restroom from the male restroom. One of the workers in the restaurant revealed that sometimes the cleaners do find used c0nd0ms in certain places in the environment including the rest room.

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Internet users also shared numerous view points concerning the matter, some believe as long as it is a mutual agreement, there is nothing really bad in what they did, however in reply an internet user simply identified as David posted:

“Even though they are mature and we’ll maybe they both agreed to it, that doesn’t mean they should do it there, that’s an eatery for God’s sake”

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Another user writes:
“Can’t they use the guy’s apartment and if he doesn’t have one then they go to the lady’s house”

What’s your view point? Share your view using the comment section.

See video below:


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