Woman strip completely naked during church deliverance- video

June 29th, 2024

It is no more a new thing to see people behave in a strange way during deliverance in churches. You may see people stagger, fall down, or roll on the ground. Most claimed they are doing all these under the influence of a certain spirit.

However in a new development, a woman has demonstrated an entirely new thing as she completely stripped herself naked during the deliverance in the church.

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In a video spotted online, the woman can be seen staggering in the midst of other congregant and then eventually removed her gown thereby revealing her nudity as she wasn’t wearing anything aside the gown.

The people in the church can be heard as they continue shouting and someone was asking the others to return to their seats.

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This video has captured the attention of so many internet users and they have different points of views consider the event.

See video below.


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