Kano Fire Service rescues man from committing suicide over ₦2 million debt

January 26th, 2024

On Thursday, January 25, the Kano State Fire Service saved the life of a 37-year-old man who was about to hang himself from a tree.

In his suicide letter, the guy, identified as Saifullah Rabiu, stated that he owed N2 million for fees associated with applying for a foreign visa.

The incident was verified by Kano State Fire Service spokesman Saminu Abdullahi in a statement given to the media.

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The Ministry of Works and Housing, Kano State, reported the incident along the State Road beside Nasarawa Emir’s house to the Central Control Room of the fire service at around 10:07 am, according to the statement.

The firefighters who were on standby duty mobilized to the area as soon as they received the call, and they arrived at around 10:10 am.

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He claimed that when they arrived, Saifullah Rabiu was in critical condition and was trying to hang himself from a tree.

Rabiu revealed his massive debt in his suicide note, stating that he had previously returned almost N500,000 of the loan amount.

He bemoaned the difficulties and humiliation he experienced from the creditor, which led him to contemplate ending his life.

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According to Abdullahi, the Farm Centre Police Division’s Divisional Crime Officer (D.C.O.) Zaharaddini has received the rescued guy, Saifullah Rabiu, for additional inquiries.


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