Confidential Assignment 2 (International)

February 11th, 2024

A leader of a terrorist group in North Korea named Jang Myong-jun is apprehended in New York City and set to be sent to Pyongyang, but Myong-jun manages to escape after FBI agents are ambushed by criminals from North Korea.

Myong-jun enters Seoul covertly with a forged passport and, with the assistance of his partner, former spy and scientist Kim Chul-soo, steals US$1 billion. After learning of this, the North Korean authorities dispatch Im Cheol-ryong to Seoul once more in order to apprehend him and get the money.

When Cheol-ryeong and Kang Jin-tae get back together, they decide to continue their investigation into Myong-jun. However, Jack, an FBI agent, gets in the way of them because he wants to send the North Korean criminals back to the United States on suspicion of killing FBI agents.

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As a result of their mutual agreement to cooperate, the operation is extended to include Korean and American partners on a trilateral basis. Myong-jun is senior to Cheol-ryeong and a former North Korean agent, he admits in the hotel.

Additionally, Jack reports that two months ago, he received a letter from Adolf Bohrmann asking him to find Myong-jun. He had suspicions that Bohrmann’s boss, Michael Joe, a criminal, was aiding Myong-jun in money laundering and that Joe had betrayed Myong-jun in order to steal the money.

The group determines the following morning to find Sergey, the person who gives Myong-jun a phony passport and illicit cell phones, and they follow his Russian model girlfriend Natasha.

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Jin-tae sneaks into Natasha’s house at night to implant a bug, but Sergey attacks her. Natasha goes shopping.

But Jin-tae wins over Sergey and takes him to the interrogation area, where they use the location of the cell phone to find Joe’s club. The three sneak into the club with Park Min-young, Jin-tae’s sister-in-law. Joe is met by Myong-jun in the penthouse, where she demands the money be turned over. Joe declines, and Myong-jun, who is working with the FBI, murders both him and Chul-soo.

Cheol-ryeong discovers later at the residence of the North Korean delegation that Bohrmann is actually a German scientist who is accountable for the deaths of Jews in a gas leak catastrophe. Jack finds out from Cheol-ryeong that his employer is also plotting with Myong-jun.

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Jack stops an assassin’s attempt to murder him and discovers that Myong-jun is holding Jin-tae’s family hostage. In order to transmit a virus on the home radio tower, Jin-tae is compelled to bring Myong-jun’s goon inside the residence.

After gaining his freedom, Myong-jun kills his former boss Kim Jeong-teak, who is actually Bohrmann, and it comes out that Myong-jun was paid to steal the money. The demise of Myong-jun’s family is also the fault of Jeong-teak.

When Cheol-ryeong and Jin-tae arrive, they are able to murder Myong-jun and destroy the viral bomb. Following this, the funds are sent to UNICEF, and before leaving for North Korea, Cheol-ryeong makes Min-young his proposal.


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