Parents of Courtney Clenney who killed Nigerian boyfriend are arrested in connection to their daughter’s murder case

February 1st, 2024

The parents of Courtney Creney, the OnlyFans model accused of stabbing her Nigerian boyfriend Christian Obumuseli to death in their Miami apartment, were arrested in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday, January 30th, in connection with the murder. Ta.

Kim and Deborah Creney were charged with tampering with evidence in connection with the case. They were arrested on suspicion of unauthorized computer access, a third-degree felony in Florida, according to arrest warrants obtained by NBC News.

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Crenny’s friend Christian Obumuseli’s laptop was left in the apartment they shared. According to the NBC article, Creny’s parents and one of her attorneys, Frank Prieto, conversed in a group chat and discussed possible passwords for Obumuseli and the release of the laptop from her possession. It is said that

Investigators obtained a warrant for her parents’ iCloud account, which allegedly contained messages to her lawyer about how to access her laptop, and Kim entered the PIN passcode. He said he guessed correctly.

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“Kim.” According to the warrant, the attorney responded, “Please stop using the computer.” “If I find something useful, I don’t want to be a witness yet.”

Mr. Kim allegedly replied, “I didn’t see anything,” as he had never opened the file.

“I just barely opened it and started looking around, but then the video call started so I stopped.”

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The laptop was later handed over to the defense attorney.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the Creneys were arrested on Jan. 30 for out-of-state crimes, but declined further comment.

“We are assisting in the execution of an out-of-state arrest warrant and are not involved in this case,” a spokesperson said.


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