Angry people burnt down man’s house in Katsina for blasphemy

February 1st, 2024

Tensions are high in the Katsina state capital after posts on social media were deemed offensive by some residents.

A Facebook post written in Hausa by Mani Abubakar, a Christian indigene of the state, reportedly contained derogatory comments about Islam.

The alleged blasphemy statement, which has now been removed by Facebook, claims it has no basis in Islam and casts doubt on the origins of the Koran.

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The post sparked outrage and the revenge-seeking mob sought to locate and harm Mr. Abubakar, but after he fled late on the night of Tuesday, January 30, he returned to his home in Babarga. Burned the car.

Abubakar’s current whereabouts remain unknown.

The Christian Association of Nigeria is cooperating with the authorities and will meet Chief Katsina if he resurfaces to ensure his safety.


Christian leaders in the state called for calm and understanding.

The Vice-President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Katsina, Venerable Muyiwa Segun, has condemned all acts of violence and disrespect towards other religions.

“Everyone should respect each other’s religion,” Segun said, adding: “Christians have no right to exploit the religion of others.”

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Mr Segun also acknowledged that CAN is working with security officials and religious leaders to ensure peace and security in the community.


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