Wife confesses to cheating on her husband because of his small manhood (Video)

January 29th, 2024

During her appearance on Oyerepa FM’s Aunty Naa show, a Ghanaian woman admitted to cheating on her spouse.

The woman claims that because of her husband’s little manhood, one-minute bedtime kisses, and noisy hernia whenever they make love, she felt compelled to cheat on him.

The woman was found to be having an affair with a Suame Magazine spare parts dealer, even though she was married.

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The married woman told her friend—who then told her husband the devastating news—about her new relationship with the spare parts merchant.

The married woman first denied ever having an extramarital affair, but after Aunty Naa played a number of audio recordings featuring her conversations with her side guy.

Remarkably, the woman’s mother, who was also in the studio, supported her daughter’s infidelity against her husband.

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She maintained that her daughter, a young lady, should be free to enjoy sexual relations and that her husband’s diminutive stature shouldn’t prevent her from finding a larger one elsewhere.


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