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Join The Best Social Network In Nigeria

We are delighted to announce to you a new means of reaching out to your loved ones- STELLSOCIAL

Yes, there are social media websites out there like Facebook, twitter, and others, but we are unique with the goal of bringing a free, open source and sustainable social network to the world.

At Stellsocial, we are more concerned with transparency, Internet freedom and giving control back to the user.

Unlike Facebook, Stellsocial is built on almost radical transparency.

Advertisement is absolutely free at stellsocial.com.ng.

There are also free games available.

Enjoy active forums where you can express your mind and share ideas.

Join a group of students in your school and learn together.

Buy and sell any product.

Hook up with friends and possibly your life partner.


There are many more just for you to enjoy. The code is entirely open source and it includes encrypted messenger services and optional anonymity for users.

Our goal, ultimately at Stellsocial, is to have the data been decentralized and any user should be able to remove his or her data. It’s also impartial and unbiased

Stellsocial mission is Internet freedom with privacy, transparency, free speech within the law and user control. Additionally, we want to provide our users with revenue opportunity and the ability to truly expand their reach *and even advertise their businesses for free* as a reward for their contributions to our network.

Register for free and join numerous friends waiting for you on https://stellsocial.com.ng