This video has got many people wondering…

It has become a day to day experience to see strange events, pictures or videos. As you well know, Naijapeeps will always bring you interesting news to spice up your day.

Virtually everyone has seen a delivery person before, some makes use of bicycle, some deliver using motor-bike while some makes use of vehicles. It all depend on what is been delivered.

However, no matter what is been delivered, the mode of dressing of a delivery person is expected to be smart and polite.

A video of a lady distributing what seems like parcels or letters have been uploaded online.

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The video which showed the lady without any underwear has got so many internet users talking.

Some users alleged that it’s an inappropriate thing to do or probably maybe she is not really what she claimed to be- a delivery person, some claimed maybe she is short of clothes, some viewers believe the lady is having fun and trying to impress viewers, while some others did not see anything bad in it, instead they enjoyed seeing the video.

What do you think, is she justified?

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To see the video, click here.

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