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These women became legends, you too can!

From ancient times, such a tradition has gone that women should be the keeper of the heart and do only household work. And although now many representatives of the fair sex are working tirelessly, and sometimes give odds to men, they are still spoken of as a weak field.

However, it is precisely among them that there are a huge number of true legends that, alas, are now forgotten, which is completely wrong.


Prominent women also lived in ancient centuries. And this representative of the fair sex became famous for being a queen, and then, after the death of her husband, she could become a pharaoh, because of which statues were built in her honor and paintings were painted where Hatshepsut was portrayed as a man.

It was during her reign that the temple of Deir el Bahri was built, which is still considered one of the most beautiful in Egypt. But after her death, her stepson got rid of everything that reminded of the rule of this woman in order to erase her from history.

Carolina Herschel

This amazing lady became one of those who opened the way to science for Western women. She became a famous astronomer and the first young lady who discovered a comet, although in addition to her, she discovered seven more celestial bodies. Initially, Carolina began to serve only as an assistant to her brother, hired by the personal astronomer of King George III.

But over time, her brother resigned, and she promoted and became an honorary member of the Royal Astronomical Society, having achieved this through her hard work.

Andre de Jong

This amazing woman has become famous over the centuries for being the head of the Comet resistance detachment in Belgium during World War II. Thanks to this organization, the soldiers who were in the occupied territories were able to escape from there alive and move to their own.

Judging by the rumors, she was able to save the lives of about a hundred pilots and plan a series of complex military operations, but one day she was nevertheless captured by the Nazis. And she was saved from death and torture only by the fact that they simply could not believe that such a fragile young lady could do so much, so she was only sent to a concentration camp for women.

Ching shi

Ching Shi, also called Jeng Shi, is the first female pirate who initially only traded her body. But when the pirates seized her, she was able to prove herself so that she first became the commander’s wife, and then, after his death, she herself began to command the pirates – toughly but fairly.

She came up with a charter, and any disobedience to her was severely punished, including by sending to the guardhouse those who disrespect the captive young ladies.

 She was able to put together a powerful fleet and resisted the flotillas of Portugal, Britain and China. They couldn’t catch her for a long time, so it all ended with the woman having been forgiven all the crimes, if only she had finished with piracy, which she did, receiving a substantial reward.

Margaret Hamilton

This amazing woman is a true legend in the world of information technology. She led four hundred engineers to make the Apollo 11 project a reality, and she approached every trial conducted before the project was very scrupulous. Thanks to this, it was only possible to land on the moon using a computer, which served as the reason for Margaret to be awarded the highest US award in 2016.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko

It may seem that war is not a woman’s business, but if it is a matter of defending the homeland, then even the weaker sex will fight the enemy. And this is exactly what Lyudmila, who is considered the most accurate and efficient sniper of the USSR, did, because she was able to personally eliminate 309 fascists during the Great Patriotic War, although in the first battle she was simply paralyzed by fear. But then she was able to achieve incredible success in the battle and receive the honorary title of Hero of the USSR.  

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker

This beautiful woman has become a legend thanks to her excellent medicinal skills. At the beginning of the American Civil War, she began working as a nurse, then began working as a doctor in Ohio, and after that she improved her skills more and more and was a true genius in surgery, able to operate in the most difficult conditions.

But she also became famous for fighting for women’s rights, for which she wore Bloomer’s “male” costume. And although she was arrested for this several times, this could not break the strong morale of this amazing lady.

Berta von Zutner

It is worth remembering another outstanding woman who published at the beginning of the 19th century the colossal work “Lay down your arms”, calling for peace, for which she received the Nobel Prize. She also opened the Austrian Peace Society and propagated her ideas so violently that Bert was called the Generalissimo of the peace movement.

Freddy and Truus Overstige

One cannot ignore these two remarkable women who, at the age of 14 and 16, became participants in the resistance against the Nazis. Before going to the front, the sisters asked her mother for permission and received her blessing, began to flirt and flirt with the Nazis in every way, so that they wanted to have fun with them in the forest. But there they were waiting for resistance fighters who cracked down on opponents and quietly disappeared.

Valentina Tereshkova

And finally, one should not forget about another most beautiful legend – the woman-cosmonaut, who became the first representative of the fair sex, who conquered space in 1963. In order to get permission to fly, she showed the special commission all of her skills in parachute and flight practice, which were truly inimitable.

As a result, she was sent to undergo the most complicated preparation for sending into space, and after a while Valentina went to plow the expanses of the Universe, and as a whole spent about 71 hours in outer space. Naturally, such a feat could not be unnoticed, so upon returning to the woman the honorary title of Hero of the USSR was awarded.

You can be one too. Start Now!

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