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Shocking! Indian Students Wear Cartons To Write Exams

To really appreciate the knowledge of modern schoolchildren, they install video surveillance cameras in the premises for exams, use special metal detectors, and prohibit taking mobile phones with them.

Educational institutions, wanting to bring students to clean water, sometimes allow excesses. Well, at least they are not forced to put boxes on heads. But in one of the Indian schools, young people had to pass the exam just like that, in cardboard hats.

Know-how of local examiners

The invention of the leadership of one of the schools in India caused outrage among the general public. Attention was drawn to photographs of students taking a chemistry exam in cardboard boxes. To prevent fraudulent results during the chemistry exam, management at Bhagat Private University College in Haveli, Karnataka, West India, strongly encouraged all students to put cardboard boxes on their heads during the test.

This, according to school bosses, is the best defense against cheating and whispering. The incident occurred on October 16, 2019, and three days later the school principal gave an interview to the BBC and made excuses that he had not imposed anything on anyone, the students themselves agreed and acted at their discretion

Unusual briefing

The school staff conducted on the eve of the exam instruction on the proper use of a cardboard box-helmet. It had to be worn on the head as a whole, and to look at the world through a small square hole cut on the box in front. Such a window made it possible to work with test tasks, but it prevented communication, rotation and cheating. According to the head of the school, MB Satishu, all students were interviewed about whether they agreed to take the exam in a new way, and almost all young people agreed. Everyone was free to not put on boxes at all or remove them at any time if desired.

Official apology

Pictures of students sitting in cardboard boxes during the exam quickly flooded social networks. This attracted the attention of the director of state pre-university education. S. S. Peerzadeh said that the school’s work has been suspended, and state education authorities are investigating the incident.

According to preliminary data, a similar technique, which was used in another educational institution, inspired such an extraordinary step by the head of the school. The Indian college apologized to the students for involving them in an unpleasant story with boxes. And the publishers of the local newspaper The Hindu noticed that even for the sake of honest exams, putting such helmets on your heads is not worth it.

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