Patience- The Rule of Nature

While studying my biology textbook one day, I made an interesting observation, I observed that most natural processes take a while before they finalize, when a seed is planted in the ground, it doesn’t just sprout into a full grown tree immediately, it takes months even years before it grows into a full grown tree and start bearing fruits and during those months/years it’s not it’s just left to perform magic.

There has to be continuous tending of the plant, so it won’t die, let’s also take reproduction as an example when fertilization takes place, the offspring is not given birth to immediately, the foetus still have to take time to develop and also during that period the pregnant woman has to be well taken care of, so the baby will be delivered safely, I can’t really talk about all of them but they all have one thing in common, PATIENCE.

What is patience, it is the willingness to wait if necessary; not losing one’s temper  while waiting, it can also be defined as being constant in pursuit or exertion; persevering; calmly diligent, most of us don’t  follow the law of nature, when you get to the ATM and meet a long queue, instead of standing on the queue and waiting like others, you’ll start looking for a way to cut the line not considering others that have been there since, even when it comes to making money that same spirit  of impatience is still present.

We all want to make fast money, we don’t want to plant the seed and tend it for the required period of time, and that mentality of making fast money has led many to criminal acts, which can lead to their death or imprisonment, one thing we need to understand is that Money gotten through wrong means doesn’t do any good, if you get money through gambling that Money will most likely be taken by gambling too, if you get money through armed robbery it’ll still go through the same means.

Let us take the prodigal son in the Bible as an example, he requested for his share of his Father’s property before the normal time he was supposed to get it, when it was given to him, he felt he had made it and that he was finally successful, so he went to the city to “enjoy himself “, since he didn’t work for the money he didn’t know the stress behind getting the money, so he didn’t see the need to manage it, spending it lavishly seemed like the right thing to do, and as is common to ill-gotten wealth, it was exhausted quickly and he had to go back to square one, His story reached us the repercussions of impatience.

Thomas Edison attempted making the electric bulb 100 times, he failed 99 times and was successful on the 100th trial, if he was impatient, he probably wouldn’t have been able to keep on trying, and he wouldn’t have had such a great invention to his name, so let us learn to imbibe the spirit of patience into ourselves, as wealth gotten through patient and genuine measures also comes with peace of mind.Let us all follow the ultimate rule of nature.

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