One Life, Many Dreams: It Is Up To You

I have one life that could not be lived twice. If I die, I die for good. And If I live, I live for worst: It is called survival. Life is such a good evil. Close your eyes, are you at peace? Open it and it feels the world, all the humming, the city lights, the noise… it feels like they won’t end. But. They. Will.

One life, many dreams. I dream of standing tall, climbing the highest tower, reaching the top of the mountain and shouting aloud, “I came, I saw and I conquered.” Everyone wants this. Add this to the feelings of being human: being in love, being hated, being sorrowful and emotional. They all contribute the sporadic nature of life.

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The truth lies in the grave, yet I must find answers to my curiosity, today. For after the last breathe, it all ends like a flash. Because we won’t be concerned about any of it no more.

In this single life, you dream of conquering the world like no other. The only being you respected is a religious saint, say Jesus, because only he could safe you. Yes, you still think about saving your after-life. Now you see how greedy you have become. The dream of achieving what others could not. It is always one life, an ocean of dreams, and a virtue of opportunities and an unknown afterlife.

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But what if. What If my dreams are not mine? What if this so called lane I desperately wanted is not mine? What if this I called talent is not closer to it? What if the best things I hoped for are the worst things ever? The fame, the wealth the lust- what if all is to trap my soul? I do not really care, I just want to try it, and you would do the same if in my shoe.

Up there is where my heart desire because I do not know how it is over there. They say it is easier at the top so I just want to get there, too.  Perhaps, it is just to satisfy my insatiable nature. Perhaps it would give me peace. I cannot say until I experience the life of my dreams.

What if the race to the end is just the beginning of the end, such that those who never race are the winners? It is just one breathe and a thousand dreams may not even be ours, but we have to try it, we lose or gain, life is still an adventure.

One life that needs to be saved is one without a purpose, without dreams, without aspirations.

Still, it is worth putting all hopes in one basket, even if it fails, we can say we made a step.

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I plead to heaven to help my many dreams and make me the greatest at one, one that defines my life-time.

It is one life, explore it to the fullest.

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