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Keys To a Successful Examination Preparation

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Schools are now resuming and students are basically preparing for resumption. As we all already know that due to the unexpected holiday students had to be given due to the lockdown order given by government in a bid to cub the spread of the deadly coronavirus, the education sector have been greatly affected and a result of that, now that lockdown has been eased, most schools will start their examinations as soon as school resume, students obviously need to be extra ordinarily prepared in order to be able to cope.

When it comes to examination, everyone want to come out in flying colors. There are various factor that can contribute to examination success, in this article, there are few guidelines respectively outlined to serve as a practical reference.

1. Make Sure To Give Yourself Enough Time To Study; To do this , you will need to make a study schedule for yourself, the study schedule must suite your method of studying.


Many student solely depend or are used to the last minute mode of exam preparation , the truth about this mode of exam preparation is that it is a PARTIAL STUDYING and it is not the best approach to examination.

To start preparing for your examination consider the following points/questions:

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a.How many examinations do you have?
b.How many pages do you have to learn?
c.How many days do you have left?
d.Are there any homework/assignment have you been previously given?

If there is any, you might want to go through them all over again.
Never allow your notes to accumulate before reading . The earlier the better, you should create time to go through what you have been taught daily or after each class.

2. Get A Well Organized Study Space:
Another important factor to be considered when studying is your study space, there must be enough space on your table or desk, this will enable you spread our text books and notes comfortably. Your study room must be well ventilated and sufficiently bright, your reading table and chair must be comfortable, you must be focused when studying, So, avoid environment with a lot of distractions be it visual or audio if you are the type of person that can only concentrate in a silent environment But if you are the type that love to study in a cluttered environment, you may want to consider what interest you the most and your concentration.
The point is that your study space and environment must be friendly and pleasant to you so you can fully concentrate.

3. Work On Past Questions:
Practicing past question is one of the most effective ways of preparing for examinations.
Practicing past questions will enable you to:
a.See the format and formulation of the questions.
b.Have an idea of what to expect.
c.Measure the time you need for the actual examination.

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4. Teach/Tutor Others:
After reading a particular topic or subject, try explaining what you have read to your friends, and family members. In some schools, students usually
Organize classes for tutorials, you can take advantage of such, teach other student whet you have learnt. The probability of you forgetting something you taught others is very low.

5. Organize Study Groups With Friends:
having a study group can help you learn faster and finish task faster, more so study group can help you get answer more easily than studying alone. You have the opportunity of listening to what other friends in the study group have studied, what they have learnt and see the result of their researches. When organizing a study group through ensure all members of the group are fully committed and dedicated to the main motor of organizing the group-becoming fully prepared for examination.

6. Maintain Regular Break: work without play makes jack be a dull boy for our brain to regain its focus, it needs a regular break. It is not a very good thing to study for long hours without any break. Find time to relax your brain before you continue studying. Develop a routine that fits your study style.

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7. Eat Healthy Foods: Eating unhealthy foods while preparing for examination or studying will not keep your body and brain fit. Choosing natural, fresh and vitamins rich food can keep your brain and body fit and ready for study.

8. Plan The Day Of Your Exams: check all the rules and requirements for the examination. Plan your route and the time it may take you to reach your destinations then add on some extra time. Try your best not to be late for any of your examinations, lateness contribute a lot to failure.

9. Stay Hydrated: make sure you drink enough water, drinking enough water during exams and when preparing for exams, is good for your mental health. Studies and researches has shown that remaining hydrated adds to human overall positive mood.

I hope this article is of great help in assisting you achieve your goal of coming out in flying color after your examination. If you find this article helpful, kindly click the share button and share with your friends on social media networks.

Wishing you success in your examinations.

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