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How To Start VTU Business In Nigeria.

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How to Setup VTU Business in Nigeria – Step-by-Step Process

Virtually all mobile phone users knows how to recharge their lines using the popularly know method of USSD where you buy a recharge card and then load it on your phone using the code provided by your network provider.

For people who think that’s the only means of recharging a sim, there is another way called the Virtual Top up (VTU). With this method, the phone will be directly credited by the vendor and there will be no need for scratching a card or loading with

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With this method, the buyer also enjoy all the benefits that comes with the USSD method of recharging, including the free 10 megabits given by MTN.

What I like most about this business is that you don’t need any special thing to start it. All you need is just an internet enabled device; must be an Android phone or laptop and you can go into VTU Virtual Top Up business and make a decent profit for yourself.

Another good thing also is that you can start a VTU business with for as low as N1, 000 – N7, 000 with just an Internet-enabled smartphone.

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PC or Android device.
Mobile Banking App or Debit Card (ATM card)
Google Drive App
And the Virtual Top Up Vending PACK.

Steps To Take

Step 1: Get yourself an internet enabled phone.

Step 2: You should have a considerate amount of airtime. For a start 1000 to 2000 isn’t really bad

Step 3: the third step is you should download the VTU application. This is necessary because it is through this platform that the Airtime will be credited to a third party

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If you have all this in place, then you’re sure of starting the VTU business. Follow the required procedure to credit people account

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