How To Open Payoneer Account in Nigeria

Starting a payoneer account in Nigeria
What Is Payoneer Account?

Payoneer is a universal payment service that allows you to make payment, send money, receive payments and send money from anywhere in the whole world without any problem.

Payoneer extend to you two major bank accounts as soon as your registration is activated with them. What you get are get UK bank and USA bank from them in common. Although other banks exists that might be available but we only concentrate on these two because they are the what we need in common.

Therefore with Payoneer you easily get USA or UK bank account without you been a citizen. And with this bank you can send and receive money throughout the entire world without having any problem.

Many of the online businesses today requires Payoneer to pay you e.g Google Adsense, since they are international companies. What they will demand for is your USA or UK bank if you’re using USA or UK AdSense or if you’re working with other companies that pays with Payoneer.

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Since Payoneer offer the required banks, all you re expected to do is give them your Payoneer account details and you will get your payment straight to your Payoneer account. After you have received your payment, Payoneer allow you to withdraw the cash straight to your local bank with small bill.

With the aid of Payoneer, you can create USA PayPal account, Connect your Payoneer and get your funds transferred to your Payoneer with ease. With this you need no war with any PayPal exchanger.
Having known this, you should be searching for a good guide on how open payoneer account in nigeria and that’s what am here to share with you so feel relax and see the steps below.

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Step By Step Procedure To Open A Payoneer Account

Visit The Payoneer Registration Url.

Enter your name, address with other information required but make sure they tally with information in the ID card you want to use for verification.

Set password, Secret Question and Answer and select your ID type.

Provide the details of the ID as required.

Enter your bank account information if required. If you are having problem with getting SWIFT/BIC of your bank, you can google the SWIFT/BIC for your bank.

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