How To Make Money Online By Posting On Facebook

Are you a student, a part-time worker or a freelancer?
Do you know that without investing any money, you can start earning #500 – #1,000 daily just with your Facebook account.

Yes!!! Just as simple as that. Facebook is now one of the most used social media platform by people worldwide. No doubt you also have a Facebook account of which you use everyday.

Virtually every Facebook users login everyday to read posts by their friends and families. They also react to posts and place comments. All these for free, in fact they have to use their data to enjoy Facebook to the fullest.

Come to think of this, you have a browsing phone, and you have a Facebook account with minimum of 500 friends. What if you are been paid to share adverts and articles with your friends on Facebook, what if you start earning each time a friend or family member clicks on the link you have share, won’t that be wonderful!!!

Truth is it’s very possible, in fact it’s happening. Many people are been paid weekly just for sharing ads and links on Facebook. Why not consider joining the moving train.

But I must tell you this, if you are actually looking for something that will make you reach within a very short period of time this isn’t it.

How It Works
You copy a link from the website provided and paste the link on your Facebook timeline, group or page. Just place it somewhere people will easily access it.

Each time someone click on the link you have shared, you get paid. The pay on each click might be small but it will gradually accumulate as the number of people clicking on the link increases.

Where Is The Money Coming From
Well, like I said earlier, you are going to be shating Links these links are sponsored ads which mean some people have paid for the links to get to the world, and that’s where you come in, you help them get the message to your own friends and families on Facebook and get your own cut off the money paid by the customer.

Now let’s talk about how to do the whole thing. We at Naijapeeps have many people small and large companies that have paid us to advertise their products and services to the world. If you can help us share the links to your on friends and family, it is our obligation to pay you your cut of the money.

What is Naijapeeps?
Naijapeeps is an online income program designed to allow members share news, adverts, videos and more on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. and get paid for sharing.

What You Will Need
1. A Browsing phone.📱
2. A Social Media Account (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter…)

How To Start Earning

Step 1. Create a free account at

Step 2. Share any news or article of your interest to your Facebook or Whatsapp.( The more the news you share, the more the chances of people clicking)

To get links available for sharing, simply login on and click on share Links. A list of available links will be displayed. Copy the link and share on your Facebook timeline or Twitter, you can also share in any other social media account you are having. The more you share a link, the more you earn. You get paid when people click on the links you shared.

Step 3. People click on the news you share and you get paid. The more the clicks, the more money💰 you make.

Note: You can also earn by viewing videos reading news ,📰 posting comments on the website and referring new members to the website.

Here is The Breakdown of How It Works

⚡When someone click on the ads/news/article you shared, you get N0.5 each.

⚡Daily Login is N50

⚡Viewing Content is N4

⚡Posting a Meaningful Comment is N5

Withdrawal is done weekly and you can withdraw your money as soon as you reach #10,000

🤗 Registration is Free

Click HERE to REGISTER for FREE and get N200 sign up bonus.

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