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How To Make A Round Sofa From Waste Tyres – Part 1

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Sofa from tyre? Yes!!! Sofa from tyre, waste tyres. You must have seen a sofa before, sofas come in various sizes and shapes, its often common for upholstery makers to build sofas with planks and other materials but planks constitutes the largest part of the sofa.

There are people who believe in making new things out of waste materials, I am one of those but many out there don’t consider that a fact or an important thing, they go ahead and dispose many convertible waste materials with the view that they are total waste, are they really a total waste? Science and history have proved otherwise, many materials considered a waste material can be converted to astonishing new products, sometimes this process may require a complex methodology, costly instruments and can be sometimes overwhelming and stressful, but the bright side is that there are still many other processes that does not require any tedious or costly process, in fact they can be carried out using a very simple methodology.

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One of the materials most people consider as waste materials today are used tyres, you may have seen car owners, drivers, tyre repairers accumulate used tyres and probably dispose truck load of such tyres when they can no more keep them. In this tutorial, I will teach you with the aid of explanatory pictures how you can convert such tyres into reliable, strong, beautiful sofas. find such tyres
Why Are Sofa Made Of Tyres Better Than Those Made From Wood?
Tyres are made from rubber and are very strong and durable, they are firm and doesn’t need springs or rubbers to spring up and down, tyres are long- lasting. As a result of these facts, sofas made from tyres are usually more reliable, stronger and long-lasting than sofas made from planks. Now lets us consider places where you can find used tyes.

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Where To Find Used Tyres.
Used tyres are all around you, in some part of the world, used tyres can often be easily seen by the road side but on the other hand the environmental laws in some countries will not allow that, so where can you get the tyres? Consider the following suggestions.
Tyre Repairers: This is one good place to get used tyres, these tyre repairers usually keep used tyres they changed from cars with them and thus have truckloads of such used tyres.
Car Owners: Some car owners also keep tyres they have replaced at home, you can get used tyres from such people also.
Waste Sites: This is another place where you can find waste tyres, all you have to do is to find a place where used tyres are dumped.
Now that we have considered certain factors about how to get used tyres and why sofas made from tyres are reliable, let us consider the materials we will need for this project.
Materials Needed (For A Single Round Sofa)
used tyre (Tyre must still be firm)
foam (1 seater foam)
½ inch foam (Better to get 1 complete sheet )
4 inch foam ( ½ sheet)
Drilling machine
Jig saw
Staple gun with staples
Ply wood
Leather (3 yards)
Bolts Nuts (Number13 nuts, long ones)
2 by 3 planks (14 inches long)
Number 13 and 14 spanners

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