How To Make A Round Sofa From Waste Tyres – Part 2


Get the used tyre from any of the source listed above.
Wash the tyre properly with soap and water.
Mar a spot on the tyre and measure 13 inches, then mark the spot reached.
Cover the 13 inches marked area with ½ inches foam and staple the edges to the body of the tyre with staple gun.
Drill holes round and towards the edge of the remaining part of the tyre, make the holes 4 inches apart, drill another set of holes 5 inches from the holes drilled initially.
Get the 2 by 3 planks ready, from the tip of each wood measure 1 inch and drill a hole, then drill another hole below the first drilled hole, make it 5 inches apart from the first hole drilled.
Tighten the planks to the body of the tyre with the aid of bolt and nuts making sure the bolts goes in through the holes on the wood and on the tyre.
Cut out cartons and staple those to the planks tighten to the tyre to cover the spaces between the planks.
Cover the back of the planks with the ½ foam and staple it to the plank, you can as well nail it to the plank. After which you will cover it with leather.
Cover the inner part of the planks with 4 inches foam. After this, cover with leather and nail.
Cover the 13 inches part of the tyre initially covered with just foam with leather and staple with staple gun.
Measure the top of the tyre and use the measurement to cut out a two round shapes from the plywood, make sure the part cut out is exactly the size of the top of the tyre.
Use one of the round plywood you cut out to measure the exact size from the 1 seater foam and then cut it out.
Measure and sew a leather clothing that will size perfectly the round foam and the round plywood.
Measure from almost top of the tyre through the inside to almost the top of the other side of the tyre. Use the measurement you got to cut out 3 woods that size.
Nail the woods to the base of the round plywood.
Place the round foam on one of the round plywood and cover with the leather clothing you made, then staple to the base of the plywood with the aid of staple gun.
Carefully insert the complete foam into the tyre.
Turn the whole sofa upside down and cover the base with the second pl ywood, nail the plywood to the woods that protrudes from the top foam.
Cover the base with leather.
Attach the castors.
Your beautiful sofa is ready.

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