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How It Works

There are various ways by which Naijapeeps members can earn money on our Platform, this will give you variety of options to choose from.

1. Reading News
Members can earn money by reading news and other articles published on Naijapeeps. You as a registered member will earn N4 for each news you read, and this will immediately reflect in your dashboard.

2. Posting Comments
As a registered member, you earn N5 for each meaningful comment you post on any news or article on Naijapeeps. Please note that one word comments are not allowed, in fact they attract a fine of N5. This means when you use one word comments, instead of gaining N5, you lose N5. One word comments include comments like : Owk, Thanks, Good, Yes, OMG etc.

3. Sharing Links
Members can share Naijapeeps links and earn when people click on such links. To earn by sharing links, you wil have to go to the links’ page at https://naijapeeps.com.ng/share where you will find different links. Copy as many links as you like and paste them on your social media wall, you can also paste them in groups, pages, on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest etc. You earn N1 each time people click on the links.

4. Referrals
When you refer a new member and such person completed the registration, you automatically earn N500 which will be immediately added to your dashboard. Please note that people you are referring must register by clicking your own referral link. To get your referral link, kindly go to your profile, scroll down and click on my referral link.

5. Sharing Sponsored Posts
We give our members sponsored posts to share on Facebook. Members are required to cop the whole sponsored post and post on their Facebook wall, then share with friends on Facebook. Please note that if a member refuse to share the sponsored post but got credited for sharing, this will attract a fine of N1,000 for each sponsored post s### committed and this might even result in suspension.
So please always make sure you are honest when sharing the sponsored post and do not share more than one Sponsored post daily.

6. Daily Logins
Each member also earn N50 for daily login. But you only get this when you login, so when you are done on Naijapeeps, try to logout so that when you login the next day, you will be credited. But if you fail to logout the previous day and just open the website the next day, your session might still be active and thus our system won’t recognize that as a fresh login thus you won’t be credited.

7. Our forums
Every members can use our forum for discussion and still earn while using it. For every comment posted and topics created, you get credited. Our forum is at https://naijapeeps.com.ng/forum

Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal Threshold: N5,000

8. Use your WhatsApp status to make money on a daily basis and get paid at the end of the month.

How it works

You visit the Copy Ads section of our website and copy the advert available there. After copying, you are to post the advert on your WhatsApp status. At the end of the day, screenshot the advert you posted along with the views you got and then send it to us through the verification form along with your username on Naijapeeps or send directly to the admin by using the message link in your profile.

You are paid when you post adverts daily on your WhatsApp status for companies, brands and organizations.

To get started, buy a coupon of #1,000 to register and start cashing out by the end of the month.

Withdrawal is done weekly(Every Thursday) for referral earnings and monthly (Every 30th) for non referrals.

Note: The threshold for requesting for payment is N5,000. This means that once your referral or activities earning reached N5,000 and above, you can request for payment and you get paid between 48 hours.

Incase you are having any issue, kindly make use of our forum at naijapeeps.com.ng/forum

Facts about NAIJAPEEPS

🌺-You’re paid directly to your account

🌺-You earn #500 for each referral.

🌺-You get paid between 48 hours of requesting for payment.

🌺- Naijapeeps has been in existence since 2017.

🌺-Joining Naijapeeps requires a one time payment of #1,000.

🌺- At Naijapeeps, you can turn just #1,000 to #10,000 within a week, with enough teamwork and hardwork.

🌺- Naijapeeps is not a get rich quick scheme

🌺-At Naijapeeps, you get rich gradually and consistently

🌺-You earn when you read news.

🌺-You earn when you post comments.

🌺-You earn #200 when you share sponsored posts.

🌺-You earn #50 for daily login.

🌺-At Naijapeeps you earn when you don’t refer anyone

🌺-You earn unlimitedly when people click on the links you shared.

🌺-You also earn by participating in weekly games.

🌺-At Naijapeeps, you earn for all your activities on the website.

🌺-Referrals get paid every week.

🌺 – At NAIJAPEEPS, non referral get paid monthly

🌺-The earlier you join NAIJAPEEPS, the bigger your chances of getting rich.