Hot Deserea Wants a Strong Young Man…

In the past few weeks, many ladies have taken to their social media accounts or pages to flaunt their b**bs and b*m all to get guys’ attention.

Some of these ladies are actually searching for a true love, someone who will enter into a relationship with them, a relationship that will eventually lead to marriage.

However, this is not the case with Deserea, she is a beautiful Nigerian lady who is just starved sexually.

She took to her social media account to announce that she is looking for a strong man who is capable of satisfying her.

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She said:
“What I need is not just and kind of banana, instead I want a very strong and large banana that can fit into me, I love getting it rough and hard. So you thing u are man enough to operate me, DM me. But if you know you are one of them guys that won’t last more than few minutes in bed, or with that kinda d**k like my thumb, kindly take your shit to someone else.”

Would you like to hook up with Deserea? Her Facebook username is Deserea Marie

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