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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Earn On Naijapeeps

There are various ways through which you can earn in Naijapeeps. Below are ways of making money in Naijapeeps.

1. When you register on Naijapeeps, you automatically earn N200 as a sign up bonus.

2. By Sharing Links: To get links available for sharing, simply login on naijapeeps.com.ng and click on share Links. A list of available links will be displayed. Copy the link and share on your Facebook timeline or Twitter, you can also share in any other social media account you are having. The more you share a link, the more you earn. You get paid when people click on the links you shared.

Please note that you will not be awarded anything if you are doing self clicks. We only pay for genuine and real clicks. So do not click your links yourself.

3. You also earn by reading news and other articles on Naijapeeps.

4. Another way of earning on Naijapeeps is by posting comments.

5. You also earn when you refer new members using your referral link. Please note that we do not pay for fake referrals, people you are referring must be real human, interested in joining Naijapeeps.

6. Watching videos is another good way of earning on Naijapeeps. You get paid after watching videos on Naijapeeps.

How Do I Check My Balance?

To check your earning balance, click on My Profile , then click on My Balance. This displays your total balance.

How Do I Check My Referral Code?

To see your referral code, click on My Profile and locate the My Referral CodeWith your referral code, you can refer new members and get paid for that.


How Do I Refer New Members?

To refer new members and get paid, share your referral code with anyone you wish to refer. You get paid if the new member register using your referral code, if the person does not use your referral link, you will not receive any payment.


How Do I Withdraw My Earnings

Withdrawal is done on weekly basis. Before requesting for payment, you are expected to have reached the #10,000 minimum balance and must have referred up to 20 members.

To request for payment, click My Profile, then locate the Request For Payment button.

Please note that your payment request will need to be approved before you can get paid, approval and payment is usually done within 12 to 24 hours.



Naijapeeps Team.