Covid-19: See how NCDC evacuated this coronavirus patient

Hello Nigerians, if you are still doubting the existence of this deadly virus called coronavirus (covid-19) my brother and sister you are making a big mistake, this virus is real and deadly please watch the video below carefully you will see why it is highly important for you to ignore all the rumors circulating that coronavirus is fake and doesn’t exist.

The video clip below displays how a coronavirus patient was evacuated from his house to an Isolation centre for effective treatment.

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But you need to see the way those NCDC officers handle him, as if he has committed an offense, so please take this seriously and protect your life and the life of others from this dreaded coronavirus pandemic.

For those saying it is better to die of coronavirus than to die of hunger, please here is an advice for you, Please obey government orders and stay home, the lockdown imposed on us which others sees as a maltreatment really mean good for us, please stay home and protect yourself from this deadly virus.

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Health Tips on how to protect your safe and others;
1. Avoid unnecessary gathering

2. Avoid overcrowded room

2. Always wash your hands with clean water and soap

3. Do not touch your face, eye, ear nose or any opening in your body as it can convey the virus into your body and make you seek

4. Avoid hand shake

5. Always cover your foods and drinking water

6. Report any suspected cases to the nearest health facility or call NCDC

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Five signs/symptoms to suspect coronavirus infection;
1. Headaches

2. Sneezing

3. Cough

4. Difficulty in breathing

5. High fever

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