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After 18 Years, I Finally Graduated From Law School

Muhammad Rafik Izzat Zaidi entered the law faculty of MARA University of Technology in 2007. The training program lasted four years, but Rafik graduated in 2013. We will explain below why the student did not graduate with classmates and what helped to keep up.

Repetition – the mother of learning

At the first session, Muhammad went for a retake in four subjects at once. After such a fiasco, he decided to start Twitter. Student text notes quickly gained popularity and the author was even invited for an interview in mStar magazine. When asked by a journalist, the hero honestly answered that he was extremely slow in studying legal disciplines. In order for the item to become fixed in the head, it must be retaken 2-3 times.

At this rate, the training took the hero 11 semesters, instead of 8 program ones.

Through hardship to the stars

 When Muhammad’s classmates had already received their first degree and graduated from the university, he still continued to retake the subjects. Stories about the beginning of a legal career emotionally crushed a slow student. Relatives tried to provide support. However, questions about how soon Rafik graduated from the university exacerbated the student’s psychological state.

Once he did not retake the item from the third attempt and they wanted to expel him.

The appeal filed on time

Muhammad was allowed to complete the course. Due to constant pressure, Rafik developed depression. The student admits that he began to attend sad thoughts. He almost became completely disappointed in his studies, in life, and in himself. There were thoughts of quitting everything, but he realized: at one moment, to depreciate years of attempts and efforts is stupid. In the end, the problem would not go away.

 Bright future

After 6 years, 11 semesters and 18 unsuccessful attempts, Rafik graduated from the university. Since 2013, he has been an intern at the Bar. He rejoices in graduation after so much time.

In an interview, he admits that he will work hard to become a lawyer and head his own law firm. However, the endurance shown during the study is enough not only for the company, but also for the international company. As a student, he proved that he would not stop in front of an obstacle, even if he could not overcome it the first time. Moreover, after going through 18 retakes, the hero began to understand the legal structure of the country and was able to give an exhaustive assessment of most cases.

Finally, Rafik gave advice that could help the “eternal students.” “Remember, if you fail seven times, you will have to stand in the eighth. Hard work is justified, ”he said.

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