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Activating Your Emotional Fuse(Self Control)

Emotional Fuse

Before the invention of fuses, there were various domestic accidents caused  by high power surges, hence, the work of a fuse in an electric circuit is to regulate the power of current that flows through the circuit.

If the current is too high the thin wire in the fuse snaps and current is interrupted. It protects the appliances in the house from damage

It might hurt but it won’t last forever


We can also apply this concept in our emotions. There is a regular level of anger we can exhibit, that won’t make us  cause any harm to anyone around us through our words or actions.

When that limit is reached there should be an emotional fuse in you that should snap and stop unnecessary rage from cruising through our veins, this can only be achieved through self control.

Emotional Fuse Cab Stop Anger

There have been cases of people who  in anger took actions they they would never have taken in their right senses.

When I was in secondary school, there was this game we used to play it’s called “Open Kolo” where the participants will be kicking a football around being careful not to let the ball pass through the middle of their legs,  if the ball passes through the leg of anyone the person was going to be beaten by all the participants until he touches a designated spot.

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So on this fateful day we were playing the game, it was going fine until one John (not his real name) got angry because he felt he was beaten more than usual by Bode (not his real name also), and he wanted to start a fight but with the help of the other players we were able to call him to order.

We thought everything was already settled not knowing John was eagerly waiting for the ball to go through the legs of Bode, after sometime his wish was finally granted and the ball smoothly went through his legs, but Bode being very light on his legs was already running to touch the designated spot so he won’t be beaten.

John on seeing his only opportunity to exact his revenge slipping away, picked up a broken piece of furniture and flung it at the head of Bode. The next thing everyone saw was blood dripping from Bode’s head.

To cut the story short John was later suspended,  it’s very hard sometimes to ignore bad things done to us by people, but getting angry and taking some rash decisions can make us do some things that we will very much regret when we are no longer angry.

Let’s take Frodd in this year’s season of BBNaija as a good example, when he wanted to use the bathroom not knowing Tacha was inside and she started raining abuses on him, he didn’t even comment or behave as if he was the one she was insulting, even when she still came out and started her rave again he still remained calm despite the hurting things she said.

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Anger is a destroyer

That’s a good a example of emotional fuse, that’s a good example of self control, so next time you’re angry just let your fuse do it’s work for you and let it stop that rage from having it’s way on your actions, remember words spoken in anger and actions taken in anger bring nothing but trouble, So be self controlled and let peace lead 


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