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A Letter To My Ex.

To those who might think this is insane, it isn’t. If there was one thing she gave me, it is strength.

If you really care about your ex, then, write this to him/her, on his/her page, wall, anywhere. Let your ex know how much you’ve gained after the break up. I WROTE THIS TO MINE:

Hi Ex,

How are you doing? Hope you ain’t mad at me for this? I bet you do. I don’t seem to be able to delete our best moments together as lovers. What I felt then is incomparable to what I feel now. I know you think I’m happy, yes I am. I got over you a long time but the SCAR you left me will forever be part of my HISTORY. The pains left me a scar but the great romantic moments we shared left me an indelible mark; it was horribly wonderful.

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Nothing lasts forever, not even love, but while together, we were the best we could have imagined. I’m sad we are no more together just as I’m happy we are apart. I found a better reason to be happy. At first, you made me think all ladies are equal but no more do I think that.

There came a beautiful moon after your eclipse. She is a gift from paradise. You think you are beautiful, nice, clever, intelligent and ambitious, yes, you are! But everything you are, she is more. Don’t be jealous, just accept the reality.

People who heard your fabricated story thought I’m the Mr. Wrong, no, I’m not. For what wrong have I committed when my lover decided to choose a partner totally different from me, all in the name of goals and dreams.

I’m a dreamer, realist and a rationalist whose TRUST you betrayed. Thank you for the lame excuses you gave for the breakup, I have really worked on them. Those weaknesses are now my strengths. If only you were patient enough. She will be wife soon, and I am sure you will get the invitation.

Hey! You were never meant for me as I wasn’t too. I heard the story, girl, I know them all. The break-up you had with the new guy. Ha aha! Can you tell me how many guys outdated you? Now you are so cheap.

They will never be like me. The precious stone is never easy to find. Don’t blame your friends, don’t blame the guys, just blame yourself for the heinous decision you made. You don’t deserve my love.

Don’t be sad, just be frank, for now is the moment of truth. It wasn’t all my fault. I tried to sacrifice more than I could get, but someone was always given you more than you wanted. I tried, but you never understood my explanations.

Wake up, this is reality. I am gone. Chat with you later when we meet at the top. Wish you the best you always wanted, even sooner, if only it exists.
Think Clear!

Your one time sweet heart,
Careful Lover.

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