50-year-old man jailed for life for raping a 19-month-old baby girl in South Africa

A 50-year-old man who raped a 19-month-old baby girl on August 12, 2018 has been jailed, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by Port Elizabeth high court judge Irma Schoeman for the rape.

The 50-year old man identified as Mzingisi James Ntshontshi caused the baby to sustain so much injuries that she required corrective surgery.

When deacribing his actions, the judge used the words “abhorrent, wicked and perverse” and added that the ordeal had devastating consequences for the toddler.

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According to testimony led during the trial, the child’s mother, who worked at a bakery in St Francis Bay, had left her in the care of a woman who shared a house with in Ntshontshi. The female carer, in turn, left the child with the accused, when she went to buy alcohol at about 7am at a nearby shebeen.

Before she could return, the child was found half-clothed, bloody and bruised in the bushes about 100m away from the house by members of the community at about 4pm that day.

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Her rapist was also ordered to pay for her corrective surgery from behind prison bars.

The worried mother of the toddler in her statement expressed her feelings and guilt by saying:
“After it happened I saw her once because I separated myself from her … when I look at her or when (a relative) sends me a picture of her, then I have the image of when she was raped,” the mother said.

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