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35 years old explains why she hate men and decided to remain single for life

Posted by on July 4, 2020 2

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My name is Elizabeth. I have gotten more nicknames than average person; most of my friends call me Beth, some call me Elysia, another group prefers calling me Lysia and yet another group call me Lisa. But nobody calls me by my birth name, Elizabeth

As at the time of the publication of this fictional story, I am 35. My friends are all married. And several of them have been pressuring me to get married but I have chosen to stay single forever. Why do I have to marry? I have all a man would need to live a comfortable life. I have a thriving business, properties all over Lagos and an kind of life every human could envy.

“I will never marry, I will remain single forever. I detest men. All they want is my body” was my reply to Ngozi’s question last week. She asked me why I broke up with Richard, my ex-boyfriend.

She doesn’t know. No one knows my story,how I lived the first sixteen years of my life. I hate men with passion. Richard worsen matter by trying to rape me two weeks ago either.

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My story

I had a terrible childhood. I was born in Jos, the capital of Plateau state. When communal clashes in Jos reached its crux, my parents considered leaving Jos for Ibadan, their hometown. I was fourteen at this time. If we had left Jos a month earlier, I wouldn’t have lost my parents. I do not remember things very well but my father’s brother, Uncle Dele came and took me with him to Lagos.

In Lagos, I had a tough time. My uncle’s wife made life so hard for me. She illtreated me but I was glad that my uncle stood up for me. Plus, she was a nurse so she was mostly at work. At first, it was like a blessing to me but soon I realized that her being home was better.

Two months after I moved in with my uncle and his family of three (he had twin boys twice my age), my uncle started harassing me like touching my private parts. One night when my aunt was on night duty, my uncle forcibly had s## with me. He raped me. My two cousins were not home then, they were full time undergraduates at the University of Ibadan. I cried in isolation for days. My uncle’s wife didn’t notice because of her hatred for me. My uncle continued,every night when my aunt was away from home on night duty, he would come in and sleep with me,until my cousins returned from school.

The return of my cousins from school saved me for a period of two weeks. I became more free with my cousins. One of them, Kehinde by name started doing like his father did before they returned from school. Before he went back to school, he had s## with me five times!

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When they returned to school, my uncle wanted to sleep with me again. This time I wasn’t having it, I had hidden a knife under my pillow. When his hands touched me that night, I gave him a scar that till today still exists on his right leg. He beat hell out of my life when he recovered and since then he never touched me. I still slept with a knife under my pillow even till today. When his wife asked him about the wound, he lied against something. I do not rember what it was.

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Brother Kehinde never tried touching me again and he even apologized the next time he returned home. I lived with them for two years. One of my aunts from my maternal home came for me and sponsored me through school. She made me what I am today and I am always grateful.

Do you see? Do you see why I hate men so much? I will remain single forever.

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  1. Touching!!!

  2. Oludakinni Olawale

    - Jul 6, 2020 at 7:12 am

    Very heartbreaking but that is not the solution

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