Crazy Town singer Shifty Shellshock died from overdose

June 29th, 2024

Crazy Town’s frontman, Shifty Shellshock, whose real name was Seth Binzer, died from an accidental drug overdose involving a mix of prescription and street-purchased drugs.

His manager, Howie Hubberman disclosed that Binzer was determined to overcome his addiction but struggled to find the necessary support and tools, even from himself. Hubberman told PEOPLE;

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“Seth Binzer, after struggling with addiction and Crazy Town’s rapid success with ‘Butterfly,’ never was able to reach out on a more successful level to deal with his addictions. We all tried, but ultimately we all failed, or Shifty would still be here.”

The autopsy has been completed, but the cause of death is pending until the official toxicology report is released. Law enforcement had also suspected an overdose after finding drug paraphernalia and a lighter near 49-year-old Binzer’s body when they responded to his residence on Monday, June 24.

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