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10 ways to keep your v###### clean and smell fresh

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While some women do not like the smell of their own vagina, the fact of the matter is that a healthy vagina doesn’t smell bad. A healthy vagina naturally contains a wealth of bacteria which keep it in working order and clean, much like your other internal organs.

If you leave your vagina to its own devices, it can naturally maintain a healthy pH and keep unhealthy bacteria at bay.

A healthy vagina’s typical scent may best be described as “musky” or “fleshy.” A menstrual cycle might cause a slightly “metallic” scent for a few days. Intercourse may change the smell temporarily.

Occasionally, you may need a little help getting rid of an odor. The following techniques may help you naturally eliminate unusual v###### odors:

1. Practice good hygiene
Bathe the area between your legs. A gentle washcloth will help wash away dead skin, sweat, and dirt. You can use a gentle soap on the outside.

Don’t use perfumed soaps or body washes. The scents and chemicals may upset your vagina’s natural pH. Bar soaps may be gentler than body wash, but warm water is enough.

2. Change your underwear

If you normally wear satin, silk, or polyester panties, make the switch to 100 percent cotton.

Cotton is breathable and does an excellent job wicking away sweat and fluids from your body. Excess moisture can upset your natural bacteria levels and lead to infections.

3. Drink Enough Water To Make Your Vagina Smell Good

The standard for everyone is to drink eight glasses of water on a daily basis, but people have different metabolic rates and activity levels, so some may drink too much water while others might be lacking hydration. For your vagina to smell good, drink enough water, especially when you notice your pee looks pale yellow or clearer. Whenever we are dehydrated for not drinking enough water, our urine becomes more acidic and makes the vagina taste sour, something that will develop into a severe smell afterward. When we drink enough water, it helps us flush out toxins that can make our excretion organs including the vagina smell terrible.

4. Shave the vagina and clean it with water, avoid douching. Douching is cleaning your vagina using water and a mixture of fluids, for instance, apple cider vinegar, which is not a right thing to do. 

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You also need to shorten the hair around your vagina regularly. Hair can trap moisture which can then turn into sweat in a short time and become smelly. A sweaty vagina will not be pleasant. 

5. Get Herbs to Keep The Smell Attractive

Herbs are well known for helping to eliminate powerful smells from body openings including a vagina. One of the herbs is the rosemary. Yes! The plant with a lovely aroma can help you make your vagina smell good. And you don’t have to cook it, just put some few sprigs in your drinking water on a daily basis. You can also add the sprigs to your bath and feel its strong scent. The strong smell will definitely help in making your vagina smell fresh. Rosemary is not the only herb that has been known to refresh your vagina and make it smell fresh. There are other herbs including parsley and mint which have strong oils that help to maintain a pleasant smell in your vagina. But you don’t use them like the rosemary. Instead, you drop some few sprigs of mint to your dessert and eat it. It will help your vagina smell fresh, especially if you have some things to do in the evening that are quite frisky. Be kind to your vagina, and it will be useful to you. Make herbs like rosemary your friend!


. Eat More Citrus Fruits And Pineapples
According to research, grapefruits, lemons, oranges and the likes, as well as pineapples, are widely known to sweeten the semen and v###### discharge thus making your vagina smell good. These kinds of fruits possess vitamin C, a very powerful antioxidant and a strong disinfectant that keeps your vagina clean. Doctors say that the acids in those fruits are helpful in pushing the water in our bodies and removing toxins, leaving our bodies, especially the openings like the vagina pleasant and smelling fruity. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and I would say a citrus fruit a day, keeps your vagina amazing and the gynecologist away. So why don’t you grab a slice of pineapple starting today to keep the smell of your vagina wonderful?

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6. Use Scented Lube To Smell Good Before S##

It has been observed that many women smell and taste good in their vaginas before they have s##. You are perhaps wondering how to maintain that v###### smell during s##. How can you manage to preserve that smell in your bedroom after experiencing some climaxes? Well, first of all, you should know that when your partner ejaculates in your vagina, the smell will change instantly. The reason why your scent changes is because his semen’s pH is different from your vagina; a man’s semen is basic while your vagina is acidic. The combination of alkalinity and acidity will definitely make your vagina smell. That’s where a scented lube comes in. It helps to make your vagina smell good during and after sexual intercourse and increase your sensation for more s##.

7. Become A Vegan To Maintain Good Smell
‌According to research, red meat and oily fish have been known to cause bad body odors and of course, smelly vaginas. If you have ever tasted fermented whole fat, a delicacy popular in Alaska, you must have noticed that it left you with a foul smell in your mouth, and maybe your vagina too, not for one day, but three or more. Doctors say that you can smell worse two hours after eating some red meat, not only in your mouth but also down there, your vagina. Red meat is not even healthy, and if you eat much of it, you will get exposed to some diseases. Women who eat veggies have the best smelling vaginas because they are used to eating fresh vegetables and fruits which have significant health benefits for their bodies and vaginas.

8. Practice Good Personal Hygiene

Some girls don’t know how to protect their vaginas. You should not wipe your anus from back to front as it will be like transporting bacteria from the anus to the vagina. You need to wipe from front to back to reduce the risk. Other girls don’t dry the region completely, and their vaginas end up being prone to infections due to humidity. Moreover, some don’t keep their nails clean, and you know dirty fingernails carry a lot of germs. You need to avoid scented products like feminine sprays and toilet papers which are sensitive to the skin of your vagina. They can cause inflammation and result in a smelly v###### discharge. Clean nails will not leave bacteria in case you accidentally scratch your vagina.

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9. You Need To Choose A Good Partner
Some girls don’t know sleeping with many guys can make their vaginas smelly. You should have one partner only and also make sure he has tested negative for any STD. Your vagina is very sensitive and failure to keep it in good condition can embarrass you. STDs can result in multiple complications leaving your vagina with some smelly discharge, not forgetting the pain and an itchy feeling. STDs can also cause a degeneration of your reproductive organs, and so you should consider all these before allowing him through the “gates”.

10. Establish Good Sleep Routine

You might be asking yourself what a good sleep has to do with making your vagina have a wonderful smell. The answer is, everything! When you get a good and quality sleep, your body’s immunity improves and fights infections better. According to doctors, the liver and the gallbladder are usually busy repairing and detoxifying our bodies between 11 pm and 3 am. If you are awake by then, the organs don’t concentrate on their jobs, and more toxins remain in our bodies. It’s recommended to sleep by 10 pm every night to make your body relax and detoxify. By doing so, your vagina will stay clean and smell fine.

To wrap this up, a woman who knows her vagina is smelling good is confident. Moreover, she won’t turn off her man from a strange smell. So, it’s crucial for you to implement all the above and leave a happy life.

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